In Kyiv, if it moves it can (and probably will) sell coffee.

Kyiv’s growing coffee obsession has been taken to a whole new level with the arrival of coffee buses. The city’s coffee cars took-off in a big way in 2011 and now, wherever there are people, you will can find one. As cars, most of them look decidedly unroadworthy, but the do make a good latte.  In…


EuroMaidan Photo Inspires Europe

Ukrainian student Katherine Ozeranets won a prize this week in a European photography competition called ‘Inspired Impressions’. The competition was organised by a UK charity called ‘Bite the Ballot‘ and students were asked to submit pictures that capture what being European means to them in the modern day. The competition was aimed at students within the EU,…


Now you can play ‘Angry Ukrainians’

Revolution is no laughing matter. However, as Ukrainians have shown time-after-time, there’s plenty of room for humor, mockery and piss-taking during EuroMaidan. Here’s the latest offering: an action packed Android game that lets you play at being an angry Ukrainian. Launched yesterday, the game already has 244 votes and a 4.5 star rating. It wont replace…



Originally posted on TripMoldova:
1. In Chitcani (Noul Neamt) monastery one will find the miraculous icon from 1401 and the highest bell tower from Moldova. 2. “Buchetul Moldovei” is the older brother of the Italian “Martini” and contains infusions of more than twenty plants/herbs. 3. In 2001, Moldova became the first former Soviet state to…


EuroMaidan Video: Part II

“With every additional day of our gruesome winter protests, we will make you love us more and more!” ~: EuroMaidan protester quoted on Facebook. Part II of my video series filmed in Kyiv in early December.


Dancing for their Dignity

Ever since the EuroMaidan protests erupted, my social-media world has been rocked by a hug wave of Ukrainianess. There are photos, cartoons, press clippings and academic essays. There are warnings, messages of support and others of indignation. There are pleas for help, rumors, official announcements, unofficial announcements and diplomatic statements. There is anger, disgust, shame…